Farm House Chalk Couture Transfer

This is a large transfer but you don't have to use everything, just mask off what you don't want chalked. Here is a sign I made. The lower portion can be written on with chalk markers and wiped off so every week when you have different specials it still works.

order at

A great Mother’s Day gift

Using a Chalk Couture transfer from the BOHO Flowers
Mixed media’s - chalk paste, glitter stickles, chalk couture transfers.
Layered for full color. 8.5 x 11 framed

this is a Large transfer

The April Blizzard of 2018

 I was planning on being at the KSID expo to show & sell. But the weather had other ideas. The roads were closed from Friday morning until saturday night, and we didn't even have a maintainer open our road until late Saturday so Sunday was the first we could get to town.
So I thought I's post here a few things I would have taken, if I could have.
I have several variations of shingles.

Large 6' double sided Welcome for a porch

Seasons Window

Last year here in town we had a Ladies Night Out painting windows. I did a snowman window and a tulips window, but just couldn't decide what to do with my multi-pane window, until this week.

it was hard to see in the photo on the cream wall, and hard to photograph on the wood wall, but I am happy with the finished window. I can wipe away the caulked spring, flowers, and pickup load of flowers and change them to summer, fall and winter as the seasons change and also change up the photos in the corners. Check back in a could months.

A New Adventure!

I was at a scrapbook retreat and  fell in love with this! So... I am painting again! YEA!
Chalk is forgivable, drys quick and is loads of fun. Many of the Chalkers are doing live video demos, and I will be also, so check back!!

Creative Pop Socket a popsocket what in the world is it?

Christmas 2017,  I received a PopSocket as a gift from my son, and thought hum.. another phone thingy.  BUT I have to say I LOVE it! I can keep a hold on my phone and text so much easier.
After about 6 months I tired of the design, so I used my crafty skills to figure out how to make my own skins to change it up. I tried stickers - fail, several different scrapbook sticky papers - some kinda worked, but then I wanted to do photos. after ordering test papers I found a combo that I like.
Now I change my Skin/Decal every month or so, when I get a new cute picture of my Granddaughter.

My son is what I'd call a "Heavy" user, and after 6 months I make him a new one.
he uses his phone lots harder than the average person, however I have seen a teenager or two with worn designs also.

Gardening this spring I clipped it to the fence so it didn't get dirty.
I don't change my phone case, but I do change up the PopSocket design when I want a new look.
Here are a few design I have done for friends and check out my Etsy Store.

skin kit for matching parts

Copic & Colorburst for WallBox organizers

Gayle organized her Copic and ColorBurst on the inside of the door by attaching a support wood piece to screw on the aluminum bar to.