Pins, Pins, Pins

I'm headed to SLC Ut for the Chalk Couture Convention and I made Pins to trade, and Pins as thank you's .

Chalk Couture

It’s convention in SLC UT. I drove in on Wednesday, spent the day with my mom. We did a will call pickup at Thrive Life and Doterra. Shopped at a couple of our favorite crafty places and NPS for uniques finds to take home and B(ee) Creative with! 

Met up with team friends for supper at Cheese Cake Factory! 

Phone grips... which we like and why.

My Etsy store...
lafrei's shop on Etsy

Yes.... when I first was given one for a gift at the holidays in 2016 - I thought -"Another phone accessory I'd use for a month then toss out."  Nope,  I love it, but I was tired of the design.
So I used my crafty skills to made new designs so I could change it up.
Also while traveling without a mount, I found that with the grip reversed (design side in your palm, instead of to the back of your hand) between your fingers you can easily use your maps. It was less distracting than looking down to the cup holder where my phone was in the rental car, so with hands on the wheel at 10 & 2, I could also hold the phone and see the map.

What my family has helped me test and why we like what we do.

PopSocket - originals that are branded "Boulder Colorado"  are often knocked off, unfortunately. The knock offs are not made with the high quality materials, don't pop up as high and usually have one time use adhesive.
I still use this grip, I like the pop and I don't fiddle with it. It fits my hand well.

Nuckees are new to the game. My daughter has slender hands and it gives her a better fit, so she prefers this one. 

They have an elastic string from the base (that has a repositionable gel adhesive) to the cap top.
My daughter prefers this grip, she like the elastic, and doesn't "fiddle" with it like she did with the PopSocket.

My changeing window...

Summer is here so my ever-changing window decor  gets a new look!
This window actually hangs on the wall in the living room.
But photos of it in the house never do it justice.
It is SOOO much better in person. the glass in photos glares.
Summer Window Re-Do 

Spring window

The April Blizzard of 2018

 I was planning on being at the KSID expo to show & sell. But the weather had other ideas. The roads were closed from Friday morning until saturday night, and we didn't even have a maintainer open our road until late Saturday so Sunday was the first we could get to town.
So I thought I's post here a few things I would have taken, if I could have.
I have several variations of shingles.

Large 6' double sided Welcome for a porch

Seasons Window

Last year here in town we had a Ladies Night Out painting windows. I did a snowman window and a tulips window, but just couldn't decide what to do with my multi-pane window, until this week.

it was hard to see in the photo on the cream wall, and hard to photograph on the wood wall, but I am happy with the finished window. I can wipe away the caulked spring, flowers, and pickup load of flowers and change them to summer, fall and winter as the seasons change and also change up the photos in the corners. Check back in a could months.

A New Adventure!

I was at a scrapbook retreat and  fell in love with this! So... I am painting again! YEA!
Chalk is forgivable, drys quick and is loads of fun. Many of the Chalkers are doing live video demos, and I will be also, so check back!!