Q - How Does Stampin' Up Ribbon fit in the dispensers?
I didn't know the answer so Laura (a customer at the Kansas City Scrapbook Expo) gave it a test.

A - We discussed this at the Scrapbook Expo this afternoon and I came home and tried it.  The answer is yes.  
 I tried it a spool of 5/8" satin ribbon and it fit fine in the large dispenser. I probably only had 13-14 yards left on this spool, but it appeared there would be enough room for a little bit more. 

I also tried it with a 25-yard spool of 1/4" grosgrain.  I couldn't even wind the entire spool using the spooling tool - that was too small also.  I finished spooling by hand and it was too big to fit in the Large Dispenser.  

I also tried a 3/8"  10 yard spool and that fit fine in the large dispenser but was just a bit too large for the medium dispenser.    

Most SU ribbon is now sold in 5 or 10 yard lengths with only the white organza ribbon being sold in 15 yard spools.  Hope this helps -  Laura F. 

Thanks Laura!!


Does 12 x 12 paper fit in the drawers?
 The website now says the inside size of the drawers is 11 7/8" x 12 7/8".
It used to say 12 x 13 but because sometimes customers don't realize that all paper is not created the same the dimension was updated.
What I have found is that MOST 12 x 12 paper does fit in the drawers.
But not all paper manufactures use the same standards to calibrate cutting.
Have you ever had to "trim" a paper to fit it in a protector page?
You know what I mean, by not all paper is true 12 x 12 if you have.

Will your 12x12 paper fit in the drawers

The inside of the drawer measures:
depth: 12 7/8"
width: 11 7/8"

But we use the drawers for our 12X12 paper and this is what it looks like inside the drawer. The sides of the paper just barely touch and there is about 1/2" to 3/4" inch front and back so you have room to thumb through the paper. Personally, I prefer to use the 2" drawers for my paper, but I also like to take the paper out of the drawer when I go through it. So it is a personal preference but the paper does fit.

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