Creative Pop Socket a popsocket what in the world is it?

Christmas 2017,  I received a PopSocket as a gift from my son, and thought hum.. another phone thingy.  BUT I have to say I LOVE it! I can keep a hold on my phone and text so much easier.
After about 6 months I tired of the design, so I used my crafty skills to figure out how to make my own skins to change it up. I tried stickers - fail, several different scrapbook sticky papers - some kinda worked, but then I wanted to do photos. after ordering test papers I found a combo that I like.
Now I change my Skin/Decal every month or so, when I get a new cute picture of my Granddaughter.

My son is what I'd call a "Heavy" user, and after 6 months I make him a new one.
he uses his phone lots harder than the average person, however I have seen a teenager or two with worn designs also.

Gardening this spring I clipped it to the fence so it didn't get dirty.
I don't change my phone case, but I do change up the PopSocket design when I want a new look.
Here are a few design I have done for friends and check out my Etsy Store.

skin kit for matching parts