Dispenser - Small Medium & Large

Now in 3 sizes!

Small  for Ribbon

The small dispenser has 6 compartments for 6/8th" ribbon or smaller.

Each of the 6 compartments can hold up to about 3-4 yards of ribbon depending on the weight of the ribbon. Standard scrapbook 6/8th inch ribbon or smaller will fit in the dispenser.

Each of the 6 compartments can be divided into a smaller space useing a Divider Disc.
This can enable you to have up to 12 different ribbons in a dispenser instead of 6.

For wider (larger than 6/8th inch) ribbon, spool them, use a glue dot to hold the end and then store them in a cute box, baggie etc.

In 2015 2 sizes joined the collection :  Medium  & Large
now more ribbon, wider ribbon and WASHI tape
can all be organized!

Medium dispenserassorted size ribbon & low profile washi tape
no dividers so low profile washi tape and wider ribbons fit well.

Large dispenser
assorted size ribbon & assorted washi tape

no dividers so lots of things fit well.

takes up less space than the rolls do.

did 18 yards of floral ribbon from a 50 yard roll.