The Spooler

There is really no wrong way to use the spooler.  But below is one of the most common ways to hold and spool ribbon with your spooler.

1. Take the end of your ribbon and slip it into the slot in the wheel
of the Ribbon Spooler. (Make sure you have already placed the spooling disk in place on the wheel.)

2. Place your index finger on the end of the spool wheel and your thumb on the handle, over top the ribbon end, to create tension.

3. Now begin turning the handle to wind up your ribbon.

4. Once you have completely wound your ribbon carefully remove the ribbon by removing the spooling disk from the spool wheel.

5. Now you are ready to insert the wound ribbon into one of the compartments of your Ribbon Dispenser. Be sure to leave a tail out to allow you to pull and dispense the length of ribbon you desire.

Each Ribbon Dispenser has 6 compartments which will hold up to 4 yards of ribbon depending on the thickness of the ribbon.