Best Craft Organizer

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They are durable, easy to assemble, minimize wasted space and look nice.

  • Furniture made for Scrapbook supplies (fits 12 x 13 paper)
  • With 1", 2" and 3.5" drawers as well as paper shelves you can use a small amount of floor space to a much greater advantage with less wasted space.
  • Assorted sizes of units to fit any size space you have available.
  • Wheels on the single and double make rolling it out of a closet or under a desk or table easy. If your unit had heavy components for jewelry or if you want to take it outside and load in your van to take to a crop - consider changing these for some metal wheels from a local hardware store.
  • High durability, easy assembly and if you move you can easily unassemble it as well, however I have also shrink wrapped the heck out of the whole unit for transporting without even having to empty the drawers for easy relocation to a new home (depending on your moving company requirements)

  •  I have use and help others organize their space using these great cabinets since 2004 when I took on a part time job as a US Sales Rep for Best Craft Organizers.You may have met me at a show somewhere Washington to Arizona and from California to New Hampshire even if I live in Nebraska on a wheat farm.